Construction for Places of Worship

All large-scale projects share common design and construction elements, but churches provide an experienced church construction company with the opportunity to build for a united community. For more than 30 years, our teams here at Nationwide Construction have worked with different congregations all across Texas, and we bring a unique understanding to your organization's building, remodeling and renovation needs.

Complete Building Capabilities

Whether you plan on breaking new ground or expand your current site, you want to work with a contractor who recognizes the challenges of church construction. With your input, we develop pre-planning strategies that outline everything from site location and cost projections to interior and exterior materials. Our talented design teams work closely with your group to integrate function and aesthetics throughout offices, classrooms, fellowship halls and sanctuaries. We oversee all job phases, anticipate contingencies and keep your project on a realistic schedule that stays on budget. If your church plans center around remodeling or renovating, we apply the same effective management strategies and focused attention to every detail.

Experienced Church Construction

Our extensive experience with church construction positions us to understand the distinct components that foster fellowship in a variety of settings. Large congregations often enjoy amenities such as multiple-purpose buildings and on-site gymnasiums while smaller churches frequently center activities around kitchens, dining halls and daycare facilities. Whether your plans include administrative wings, nurseries or choir studios, we have the industry expertise to build exactly what you envision. We invite you to enjoy our portfolio of area church construction projects including:

Our Commitment to Your Project

Over the years, we've built our solid reputation across Texas as church construction specialists by consistently providing a full array of services. You can rely on Nationwide Construction for detailed planning, quality materials and dependable workmanship. We consider you and your congregation as important members of our team, and we develop your ideas into attractive, cost-efficient building plans. You can count on us for accurate accounting and progress reports through every job phase. If questions arise, we have answers, and we address concerns immediately with affordable options and smart solutions. You have our professional commitment to supply the construction talent and services that allow you to build your church with confidence.

As the leading church construction company in north Texas, we proudly deliver the quality workmanship that you expect and the client care that you deserve. We pledge to earn your trust, and we offer a Free no-cost, no-obligation planning packages for all church construction jobs regardless of size or location. Nationwide Construction looks forward to becoming your partner through projects that reflect your church's mission and build your congregation's future.